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BWater Today Limited is a social business and direct seller of Premium Water and Sports Drink

A Family~Owned, Family~Sourced Brand that is Powered by LIVE ALKALINE WATER (Vision Bottle Co. Winston-Salem, NC)

Our flowing Artesian Aquifer is located in the pristine foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina @McRae Springs :Chief Emauel

We bring to market the most giving source of spring water flowing with 108 trace minerals that provide immediate hydration for energy, mental acuity and whatever the body is in need of most... after all, among adults 60 - 75% of every living body consist of living water. A greater percentage 85 -95% among youth & infants. (see Disclaimer)

"You're gonna love the feeling of living water"


"The Family that flows together... grows together"

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~All water is not created equal~

Unlike most bottled water, our source emanates from an underground Flowing Artesian Aquifer nearly 1000 feet below surface. It captures mineral nutrients as it flows to surface, then springs out...hence we get the term Spring Water.

Original Intelligence

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, an ancient old substance has emerged to remind us that ALL living beings above ground and below earth's surface... are primarily made up of living water. Liquid gold and energy for every living body

~~ Don't just Drink Water! ~~

Finally you can flow as your best self, Finally you can receive the encoded nutrients pHerfected, protected and preserved for You and all those you love! FINALLY you can ~BYou ~BFree ~BWater Today and flow in your Greatness

The Original Edge

comes from the most giving source of water on Earth!

Today's athletes are bigger, stronger & faster with seamingly "weaker connectors" ie; ligaments & tendons.

Bwater Today Sports Drink provides the pHerfect blend of nutrients to hydrate, renew and protect today's athletes of all ages... as it helps prevent devestating malfunctions aka "injuries" (see Disclaimer)

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What Living people are saying

My 1st taste of Bwater gave me the same oxygen rush i feel whenever i check my grandfather's CPAP machine. OMG, liquid oxygen!

Samantha ~ Winston-Salem, NC

So it only took Oscar (family dog) a couple of days to adjust to Bwater. NO MORE TAP WATER for him! Bwater for our entire family

Eliyahu ~ Harrisburg,PA

It's the ONLY source of water that gives you "a feeling"

Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body

Shola ~ The Gambia, Africa (NC)

We have never seen our youth respond to "water' this way... they love it and can't seem to get enough. They say "it's easy to drink"

Youth Club Dir. ~ Oxford, Mississippi

As a licensed expert in hair & skin care for over 30 yrs, I find Bwater as a MUST have for better health, energy & my SKIN! I'm experiencing healing from within & sharing with my clients

Ms. Vee ~ Charlotte, NC

"Some of the BEST water I've tasted yet!!! Straight out the ground looking clear as day!"

Bolingo Ashay ~ New Orleans, LA

I love this water, nothing like it out on the market. A full sense & feeling of hydration. Genuinely love Bwater

Brandon J. ~ Winston-Salem, NC

BWater Today gives ~ immediate hydration increase energy ~ naturally pHerfected @ pH 7.4

About US

A Social Business

Bwater Today Limited ~ Est. 9/19/19

The heart and mission of our brand is to embrace~educate~equip and empower the most underserved students/families in local communities... and with every Bwater Pak purchased, we help provide educational and personal care services consistenly to B the difference... powered by the most giving source of water on the planet.


Est. 9/23/96 > Launched 3/23/2019

Community Image Enhancing Services

Plans to break ground on its 1st Service-based Academy on 9/23/23. Raising the bar of awareness for essential service-based professions in local communitites. Operation details revealed on 7/11/23...Stay Tuned!!! (Ciestoday.com )

why bwater today?


"... with each BWater Pak purchase and *BWater Club membership; You help a local student in need of essential services such as tutoring, life coaching, full haircare and MORE."

JOIN the BWater CLUB Today & get 35% OFF paks & merch w/ FREE Shipping = $34.99 (reg. $52.99)

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"We provide Image Enhancing Services that transform underserved students into their best self."
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